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Warrior of the Steppes, Inc
PO Box 1593
Orting, WA  98360



Safety is our #1 priority.  We have a 10 x 30 archery net, doubled with a 5 x 30 net to insure that arrows launched will be stopped. We also "flag" off the sides to keep the public from walking through the range. We set up a "firing line" under a 10x20 canopy and provide individual instructors to show the proper way to shoot the bows, for a nominal fee.  We then let the participants shoot the bows after the instruction.  We have a smaller range set up for children between the ages of 3-6, complete with targets that clunk and swing when hit.  These bows are very simple to shoot.  Anyone can do it... from ages 3 to 85.  Those participants that have shot these bows really have fun doing it. 

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